Princess andromeda necklace

Bella Manzanas

Princess andromeda necklace
  • Princess andromeda necklace
  • Princess andromeda necklace
  • Princess andromeda necklace
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Beautiful gemstones in smoky quartz and citrine hangs onto a 14k gold filled chain. Perfect to wear with V-neck tees or dressy outfits. This is a gorgeous piece not only for it's look but for the healing attributes of each gemstones.. two of my favorite stones! 

* features smoky quartz and citrine tumble stone top drill

* 18 inches chain length in 14k gold filled ends with infinty shape, heart tag and a hook.

* Citine ~ Enhances physical stamina and energy. Attracts abundance. Excellent stone foe manifesting goals and dreams.

* Smoky quartz ~ Counters negative effects of radiation. Helps manifests dreams into one's physical life. grounds and aligns the physical body.

* 14k gold filled is a great alternative to solid gold. With proper care it won't fade and can last a lifetime 

* Each piece is made by hand and no two designs or shape are exactly the same because of its natural form, but similar.

* Once this piece in the picture is sold, i can make a new pair. Shape and color may vary.

* Some has natural imperfections which what makes it more beautiful and organic.

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